Bag: 2 Star Gold Token Case

Cost: 1 2 Star Gold Token Case

Number of Pulls Chances

If the pull number equals to the pulls available, then you will get one item from each pull. Otherwise, it will be a random item from a random pull, that never repeats, based on chances.

  • 100.00% chance of 1 pull

Pulls (1 Available)

Pull 1 - 100.00% chance of getting one the following:

Chance (%)Item
16.67Mr. Perfect's Chewing Gum x 1
16.67RVD's Yin Yang x 1
16.67Paul Heyman's Cell Phone x 1
16.67Kane's Mask x 1
16.67John Cena's Sweatbands x 1
16.67JBL's Big Horn Limo x 1