Bag: Anniversary Collection Event Bronze Vault

Cost: 1 Anniversary Collection Event Bronze Vault

Number of Pulls Chances

If the pull number equals to the pulls available, then you will get one item from each pull. Otherwise, it will be a random item from a random pull, that never repeats, based on chances.

  • 80.00% chance of 3 pulls
  • 15.00% chance of 4 pulls
  • 5.00% chance of 5 pulls

Pulls (1 Available)

Pull 1 - 100.00% chance of getting one the following:

Chance (%)Item
7.58JBL's Big Horn Limo x 1
7.58Pretentious Crown x 1
7.58Mr. Perfect's Chewing Gum x 1
7.58RVD's Yin Yang x 1
7.58Weight Belt x 1
7.58Trampoline x 1
7.58Headliner Chips x 2000
7.58John Cena's Sweatbands x 1
7.58Boa x 1
7.58Earguards x 1
7.58Paul Heyman's Cell Phone x 1
7.58Kane's Mask x 1
7.58Boxing Glove x 1
1.26Shawn Michaels "The Heartbreak Kid" 2 Star Silver x 1
0.25Doink the Clown "The Prankster" 2 Star Silver x 1