Bag: 12 Days of Holiday Gold Vault

Cost: 1 12 Days of Holiday Gold Vault

Number of Pulls Chances

If the pull number equals to the pulls available, then you will get one item from each pull. Otherwise, it will be a random item from a random pull, that never repeats, based on chances.

  • 80.00% chance of 3 pulls
  • 15.00% chance of 4 pulls
  • 5.00% chance of 5 pulls

Pulls (1 Available)

Pull 1 - 100.00% chance of getting one the following:

Chance (%)Item
7.50Bobby "The Brain" Heenan's Jacket x 1
7.50Bret "Hit Man" Hart's Shades x 1
7.50Kettlebell x 1
7.50El Capote x 1
7.50Junkyard Dog's Collar x 1
7.50Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake's Shears x 1
7.50Hairspray x 1
7.50Shawn Michaels' Cap x 1
7.50Shin Guards x 1
7.50Headliner Chips x 10000
7.50The Godfather's Stylish Hat x 1
7.50Slammy Award x 1
7.50Wrestling Mat x 1
1.50Arn Anderson "Double A" 3 Star Bronze x 1
1.00Brock Lesnar "Next Big Thing" 3 Star Bronze x 1